Tapete de entrada. Hello. Tapete amarelo.

After 5 weeks of traveling, this week I finally got to stay home for the entire week. Don’t take me wrong: I am a frequent traveler and I love it! The thing is that I really feel good at home, and so I get home sick very often, especially during long business trips.

The good thing about being home is that, as I am able to have a routine, I can go to the gym before work, and at night, I can more easily focus on my projects/tasks: write for the blog, search for and buy things for my new home, read and be with my family and friends.

I am trying to read more and lately I have been reading the Marie Kondo’s book about organization and decluttering and I’m excited! I have decided to bring all my remaining belongings from my parents’ house next weekend and put in practice her method. I really feel much happier and cosy when my house is cleaned and organized and I desperately want to keep it that way.

For this to work, I also need to make an effort to buy less or, at least, to buy better. Not just clothing and housing items, but everything in general, ex. food! Did you know that throwing away food is one of the things in which we waste more money? Or even buying things you can easily do at home, like your breakfast or your lunch. Everyone is constantly wasting money, you too! Find out where you are wasting your money here. Could you relate to it? In my case, I am definitely wasting too much money! 🙂

Summer does not want to leave us this year. We are still at above 20º C and no rain so far, in mid October. Climate is changing and weather is unstable, but I hope Fall comes soon, so I can bring out my blankets and warmest sweaters, and get cozy reading a book while it rains outside. Here is something to remind you why we love Fall. It is quite strange to use shorts and flip-flops when we are less than 3 months from Christmas! It remains me of Xmas in Brazil. Good memories… 🙂

It is true: Xmas is coming already and 2016 is ending. Every year, I try to buy all my presents in advance to avoid crowds, inflated prices and to have time to pack them myself. Look at these lovely packing ideas, I just adore them! Inspired by Betina, from TemAVerComigo, this year, I will try to buy my presents online: I was used to buy online in Brazil, but I didn’t have that habit in Portugal. She buys almost everything online and shares her experience with her readers.

See you soon and have a nice week!


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