READING NOW: The life-changing magic of tidying, by Marie Kondo

I have moved from São Paulo 10 months ago, and just two months ago we were finally able to move to our current home. Meanwhile, 80% of my personal stuff, from clothes, to books and furniture, was packed in bags on my parents’ house. There were what seemed to be an unlimited series of bags and boxes, filled with things of my own. Before moving back from São Paulo, I did a selection of things to give away, but apparently it was not enough. Two months in, and I was not able to move everything I own into my home yet. Imagine that! During the moving process to the new home, I got seriously amazed with my ability to accumulate stuff. Astonishing.

For the last couple of years, this matter has been discussed a lot on the medias, with a lot of people making decluttering challenges, adopting  30 items capsule wardrobes and reading online books on kindle. I did my attempts, but never that seriously – I am too much of a book lover not to have them physically.

However, regarding everything else, I truly believe it cannot go wrong! I really need to downside my wardrobe, keeping just what flatters me and is comfortable and to reduce papers and documents to the essential (and get digital archives of everything else). I really want my home to be lighter and uncluttered and the same goes for my life.

To help me achieving this goal, I am going to read Marie Kondo’s bible of uncluttering: The life-changing magic of Tidying. I bought it online and it has just arrived! Can’t wait to start reading it. I will try to learn and apply her process and let you know how it went. I hope it really works out!

See you soon and good readings!



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