LINKS OF THE WEEK: Starting from scratch

Gorgeous orange sunrising view
Sunrising view from my balcony


Life has changed a lot for me on the last months. A mist of some very happy happenings and some troubling other, are passing by and I am trying to cope. At the end of the day, the day will be brighter tomorrow and life goes on. Our happiness is our responsibility, not anyone else’s.

One must start small, with simple tasks that make the difference. Here is a list of things that will make your life happier: choose one and start today! 5, 11 and 22 are on my personal list. 🙂

Very often we fall on a negative spiral of thinking of how unhappy we are, but we never compromise on changing anything. Take a very typical example: are you one of those people who is supposedely constantly looking for a new job but doesn’t even have his resume updated and has not yet replied to one single application form? If you wish to change work, take it seriously and do something about it. Today, not tomorrow. And as you are on it, check here if you are sabotaging your chances on a new hire without noticing it.

Me personally, I want to own less: declutter and buy less things. I have moved recently to my new home, and was amazed by the quantity of things that I own. I definitely need to through a lot of things away. I will start by this list of things to dispose of. If I manage to stick to it, I will be much lighter and happier!

It looks like my readings are all about new beginnings and new habits. Hope I can stick to them and get you inspired to do the same.

See you soon and have a lovely week!



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